About Us

Hi and welcome! I am Steve. I am the creator of SignoArt jewelry studio. I am a jewelry artist with my unique design and master craftsmanship skills. I pride myself on creating only unique pieces of jewelry which are collectible wearable works of art. The designs are timeless in mostly oxidized sterling silver with antique finish for a bold look reminiscent of ancient eras.  All SignoArt jewelry are one-of-a-kind limited editions and the catalogue constantly evolves as a result.

The techniques used are ancient and have been used for centuries. Each ring is cast by hand and also hand finished. Unlike with wax modeling techniques, sculpting directly on the metal means that much greater detail can be achieved creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that are small sculptures and works of art. You can literally feel the quality and attention to detail in every creation.

You will find it difficult to find anyone else offering the quality and designs I offer at SignoArt.  When you purchase a ring, you know you are buying a piece of history in the making, and something that you may be able to hand down to the next generation. 

Signo Art
2214 S Goebbert Rd
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
United States